Please invent: Time capsule boutiques

April 7, 2011

Not too long ago a friend who was moving out of town invited a few friends over for a little going-away brunch. The subject came up about how moving can unearth items that are hard to part with yet have no place in one’s current life. Think letters, mementos and pictures of past loves. Your diary from when you were 14. You get the picture.

But what if there was a lovely time capsule boutique in your town where you could take your precious items and store them in a time capsule, to be opened whenever, and by whomever you choose (your grandchildren!)? Kind of like a safe-box in a bank, but for special sentimental items. I imagine this time capsule boutique would have a romantic, charming aura, like the shop from the movie Chocolat. And they would also sell chocolate, of course.


One Response to “Please invent: Time capsule boutiques”

  1. k-dem said

    Best one yet. I’d invest.

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