Please invent: The Laundro-Fit

March 1, 2011

Laundromat photo by MischievousRagDoll

Quick, what are the two things you know you need to do every week that always get pushed to the bottom of the list? The two things that take up time you don’t have, but the ones that give you great satisfaction when crossed off the list?

Laundry and workout time, of course! So let’s combine these two and create a chain of laundro-fits. We can call them Clean-Fit. It’s a laundromat and a pilates/yoga studio. It would offer a modified drop-off service (wash, dry- no fold). Walk in, hand your laundry off to an attendant who will wash and dry your clothes, head to the studio and start your class. Classes start on the hour, and there is equipment to warm up on if you arrive early.



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